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Melanie’s mosaics are extremely popular, drawing in visitors from across the UK and overseas. The artist’s mosaics are described as “uplifting and very beautiful”. People regularly post the mosaics online, as the designs engage the viewer which encourages further visitors to discover the artworks sited on arts trails, sculpture gardens, and public open gardens.

Melanie creates site-specific work, designed to suit the space perfectly. Liaising with commissioners and often the public, with research and development of the area’s heritage, a beautiful to-scale design is drawn out.

Longevity – these pieces are built to last with all mosaic materials frost and damp-proof, plus stunning colours that won’t fade. Unlike most other art forms these pieces are maintenance-free, a huge plus!

Melanie’s mosaic pieces are cut by hand, and every aspect of the mosaic including the background is highly finished. The artist has a unique mosaic style and alongside uplifting themes, her mosaics are popular tourist attractions.

All pieces are robust and colourful, yet remain beautiful and tactile.