Red kite and damselfly mosaic, created with Melanie’s supervision at a school (7-11 year olds)

Melanie has a passion of creating artwork about stunning nature and creates much of her own work to bring attention to our species, particularly that so many are in rapid decline. Created in iridescent glass the work dazzles all year round. The work is set into a steel frame that is custom made for the...

Red kite created with Melanie’s supervision at a school (7-11 year olds)

Melanie works a lot from nature and is passionate about bringing attention to wildlife particularly that so many species are in decline. Created in irridescent glass the work dazzles all year round.

Below: Mosaics created by the lymphoma support group and adults with special needs for a permanent mosaic at Milton Keynes Hospital.  Inspiration from local Roman excavations and St Lawrences Church in Broughton, Milton Keynes.

Melanie has extensive experience working with all ages and abilities and has an enhanced DBS. She aims to bring a sense of trust into sessions, in a safe space where people can boost self-esteem, make friends, and she is well aware of the huge benefits creativity brings to individual health and happiness.

A trained adult education tutor, the artist has created a variety of workshops including ceramic and textile art, sculpture, drawing, and painting, plus mosaic art, for people to access and enjoy. Please take a look at some of the photographs of projects.

Children and adults with or without learning or physical difficulties can enjoy Melanie’s projects, and people accessing these have ranged from the lymphoma support group, adults with physical, learning or emotional difficulties, including autism, and those with visual or hearing impairments.